Assuming you’re registered to do so, now comes the super important part: VOTING!  With our step by step process you will find out when and where to vote and be fully in-the-know about everything that you will see on the ballot.

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STEP 1: Make a plan for when you’ll vote

In Travis County (Source: Travis County Calendar of Elections), Williamson County (Source: Williamson County, TX Election Information) and Hays County (Source: Hays County, TX Election Information),

You must register to vote by Monday, October 5, 2020.

You have 3 choices:

  • Early Voting:  You can vote early from Tuesday, October 13, 2020, to Friday, October 30, 2020
  • Election Day: You can vote on the election day: Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Polls open 7am to 7pm
  • Mail-in BallotLast day to Apply for Ballot by Mail (received, not postmarked) is Friday, October 23, 2020. Last day to Receive Ballot by Mail is Tuesday, November 3, 2020 (Election Day).

    STEP 2: Make sure you have the correct ID to vote

    Texas law requires you to present a photo ID such as your Texas driver license, Texas personal identification card, or passport in order to vote. Your ID must be current or expired by no more than four years. Additionally, free Election Identification Certificates are available from DPS driver license offices.

    If you’re unable to obtain any of the approved forms of ID due to a “reasonable impediment or difficulty,” there are additional options to help you cast your ballot, including your voter registration card, paycheck, or utility bill.

    STEP 3: Determine where you will vote

    It depends on which county you live in. Below you will find information for Travis, Williamson, and Hays counties. If you live in another county, visit your county’s elections website to view a list of voting locations.

    Travis County

    You can vote at any polling voting location during early voting and on Election Day.

    Williamson County

    You can vote at any polling voting location during early voting and on Election Day.

    Hays County

    During early voting, you can vote at any polling location. On Election Day, you need to vote at the polling place that corresponds with your precinct number, which is located on your voter registration certificate.




    STEP 4: Study up and know how you will vote

    There are a number great resources to help you get ready to cast your ballot.

    First, check out informed.vote, an Austin Tech Alliance and Leadership Austin project that provides candidate answers to community questions.

    Additionally, visit vote411.org, a League of Women Voters site that can display a personalized ballot based on your home address.

    Finally, you can download the League of Women Voters nonpartisan voting guide:

    Travis County

    Williamson County

    STEP 5: Go vote!

    Now that you know the when, where, and what about voting in ATX it is time for you to go out and exercise your civic duty and have your voice heard. Remember, we are blessed as a nation to enjoy this most fundamental freedom and we must all participate if we want to have the future we hope for. Furthermore, we all represent the tech community in Austin, arguably the most vibrant segment of the private sector in our wonderful community, and we have an obligation to lead by example. Let’s make each other proud and GO VOTE!