Register to Vote

To vote in Texas, you must be registered at your current residence.  Registering to vote is EASY but your registration form must be physically turned in (via mail or in person) by October 11, 2016.

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Last Call to Register

How do you register to vote by the deadline of midnight, October 11? Visit any Alamo Drafthouse or Thundercloud Subs location between 10am and 10pm where there will be volunteers available to register you. You can also go to the Travis County Registrar’s office (5501 Airport Blvd) which will be open from 7:30am until midnight Tuesday. If you live in Williamson County please follow the link below to learn about their Registrar’s location and schedule.  And you can also go to your local post office and drop the form in the mail by midnight (use our registration tool below to fill out and print your card).

Find Alamo, Thundercloud, or registrar office locations at:

Fill out your registration card online and mail it in

IMPORTANT: Texas does not allow online registration, this tool will simply provide you the forms you need to snail mail or turn in directly to your local registrar’s office.  If you mail it it must be postmarked by or on Oct 11.  You can also turn it in by hand at your local county registrar’s office.

Don’t know if you are already registered to vote?

You can verify your voter registration status by visiting the Travis County, Williamson County, or State of Texas voter registration lookup pages.  It is recommended that you start with your County first as they maintain the most up to date records.

Travis County

Williamson County

State of Texas